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Did you know that 98% of home buyers who searched for a home on the internet found photos to be among the most useful features of REALTOR® websites, according to the 2013 NAR Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers. It is the number one item of value that consumers want to see when beginning their search for a home on the internet. So, with that as a brief background, let’s see just how those beautiful photos the pros come up with actually help sell your home.

Our brains are trained

to look for contrasting colors and shades as well as shapes and lines. It’s not a coincidence that truly gifted photographers can bring out different levels of emotions with their photos. Anne Geddes does it with pictures of infants, Peter Lik does it with landscapes and real estate photographers do it with architecture. They make your eyes follow a certain progression so that your senses are heightened and before you know it, you’re saying to yourself, “Wow! I want to see that home.”

They know what to shoot and what not to shoot.

You would think it would be a no-brainer to forego taking a picture of a bathroom with the toilet seat up and everything from toothpaste to curling irons sitting on the countertop but unfortunately, that’s just what some agents do. They simply don’t have the ‘eye’ that the pros do. Same thing goes for how consumers are walked through the home with the pictures. Done properly, a potential buyer that has viewed the home online will know how a home flows even before stepping inside with their agent.

Photographers help market your home too

when they post their work on their website, share on their Facebook business page or send it out to their Twitter followers. A good real estate photographer includes your agent in the marketing as well so that they can then share it with others in the social media world.

Oh, and one more last little tidbit…homes with professional photos typically sell more quickly and for more money than those without. If you have hired a professional REALTOR® to list your home, make sure they hire a professional photographer to showcase your most important asset.

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